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(Adapted from Dr. Sam Goldstein)

A resilient mindset enables you to deal more effectively with stress and pressure, to cope with everyday challenges, to bounce back from disappointments, adversity and trauma, to develop clear and realistic goals, to solve problems, to relate comfortably with others, and to treat oneself and others with respect.

People with resilient mindsets:

  • Figure out what they have control over, and what not.
  • Focus time, attention and energy on the things within their control.
  • Are able to evaluate whether that control is in their own best interests.
  • Are able to learn to accept and let go that over which they have no control.
  • Have a sense of commitment, a big picture view of life – have some answers to;  ‘Why I am here?’  ‘What brings purpose to my life?’.
  • Communicate effectively – which involves learning to listen well, learn about the situation and then use words to influence.
  • Accept themselves and others.
  • Are empathetic and compassionate.
  • Develop the ability to see the world through the eyes of others.
  • Develop good, strong connections with those around them.
  • Learn to deal with mistakes, problems and adversity affirmatively.
  • Nurture natural resilience and learnt optimism.
  • Rewrite negative scripts
  • Choose the path to become stress hardy rather than stressed out.
  • Learn to deal with success and build islands of competence.
  • Develop the functional strategies for effective self-discipline and self-control.
  • Search out support and inspiration from charismatic others.
  • Have a sense of humour.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”80%”]The last freedom known to man when every other freedom has been taken from him is the freedom to choose his own attitude in any given set of circumstances[/pullquote]

                                                Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’

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