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My Approach

Your first visit will be an introduction and the sharing of your history and particular issues; at the end of that time we would be in a better position to discuss how many sessions you need and how often you should attend. Some clients need only one or two sessions to clear their heads, others work intensively every week for a period of time before feeling comfortable enough to reduce sessions.

Information you share is confidential, within some legal constraints – this will be explained in your first session. You will not be forced to disclose anything that you are uncomfortable about, nor will you lie down on a couch to have your ‘head read’!

So what happens during therapy?

We create a consistently calm and safe space to give you an opportunity to vent about problems and to process adversity and challenges. Putting things into words is a left-brain activity that enhances reflection and understanding as well as analysis and planning.

We practice emotional literacy – psycho-education involves me providing you with information grounded in evidence-based theory derived from solid research. We explore different perspectives, the bigger picture or different attitudes and points of view.

In every session we keep the therapy goals in mind whilst we explore information, insights and strategies.

In essence I will support you to reorganise or recalibrate emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses to your situation, to improve your well-being and ability to cope.

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